Faith based Freedom Final Paper

 Religious Flexibility Final Daily news


Final Religious Freedom Study Paper

Rhonda S. Greenidge

POL 303: The American Constitution

Turmeric Devine

two February 2015

The freedom of expressing your self is very important, especially for us Americans. What better way can we achieve that than to get the right to believe whatever you decide to use to believe. Independence of religion is a right to practice your trust, to reveal it for yourself and openly if that is certainly what you desire to accomplish, without someone telling you whatever you can or cannot do or declare. It also will give you the freedom never to practice anything more, or to move your faith if you want to, without reason. Marshall (2010) states that today almost 90 percent of Americans admit religion are at least " somewhat important” in their lives. About sixty percent happen to be members of any local spiritual congregation. Faith-based organizations are exceedingly active in providing for social requirements at home in addition to sending help abroad. Exactly why is religious flexibility important? " Religion and good morals are the just solid foundation of public liberty and happiness”, (Adams, 1778). ). I support religious freedom and think that it is vital. Individuals will be able to choose what they wish to believe in and what exactly they want practice. In my opinion as long as you are generally not hurting anyone in doing, so we should be in a position to practice what we should want. Easily don't wish to praise an object, My spouse and i shouldn't be forced to, if I don't want to study and live by the Bible I shouldn't be forced to, Easily don't need to wear a chador more than my head and cover my personal face I actually shouldn't be forced to. Freedom of religion also permits us to be linked and connect to people that have different beliefs or practice several religions. My spouse and i am a Christian and would be emaciated if I couldn't talk to, have interaction or always be friends having a Catholics, Jews, Muslims, etc . In today's world, that may be nearly impossible. We am inside the Military, and have persons from every walks of life and individuals that choose to worship in a different way from the things i do that is certainly ok. Would you imagine how difficult a work environment will be if Catholics could simply talk to other Catholics or perhaps if Christians could only talk to additional Christians? My spouse and i wouldn't want to even have a job. Or take that a step further more and declare Muslims can simply buy from supermarkets owned and operated by simply Muslims or perhaps Christians can simply shop by department stores owned and controlled by Christians. I just more than likely want to have like that. The country has grown so much since slavery and segregation we might be taking multiple steps back as a country if we didn't have independence of religion. Exercising what we preach should go hand and hand with our faith we are not supposed to evaluate, criticize, or belittle others because of the actual believe in. Instead of turning each of our noses up at people who worship in a different way or have distinct beliefs, I really believe that we have the opportunity to learn a whole lot and should take full advantage of it since others are not as privileged as we Us citizens are. You respect these people and what they stand for and so they should value you and what you stand for. Religious beliefs is a important part of existence that has connected the many several races and societies on the planet for years. Faith provides a general language and culture for many who believe in a better power. Faith based freedom is essential to me. My spouse and i grew up in church therefore religion has long been my head to, my base, my almost everything. The decision in order to believe, practice and praise who and what I choose should be my personal choice, and if I want to consider nothing at all that should be ok too. Eva (2013) states that as a culture we take advantage of our ordinaire religious morals. In fact there are numerous people who might argue that we're able to not function without religious beliefs. The biggest reason that society requirements religion is to regulate tendencies. Most of the regulations that we adhere to on a daily basis get their basis in religious theories. There is...

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