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Doing business in Brazil


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Purchase Climate

A. 1 Regulatory Constraints and Relief Exchange Background Exchange Controls Overseas Ownership of Business Foreign Ownership of Real Estate Federal government Attitude and Incentives Govt Attitude to Foreign Investment Government Monetary Incentives Taxes System Corporate Income Tax Rates Individual Rates and Expatriate Taxation Monetary Reporting and Audit Requirements Other Things of Concern to Foreign Shareholders 7 several 7 7 7 almost 8 8 almost eight 8 8 8 being unfaithful 9

A. 2

A. 3

A. 4 A. 5

Business Environment

M. 1 B. 2 N. 3 B. 4 B. 5 W. 6 Expense and Organization Environment Tendencies and Performance Money Economic Framework Relationship of presidency and Business Regulatory Environment Financial Sector Banking System Securities Markets Commodities Exchanges Essential Companies Energy and Natural Methods Foreign Trade Trade Balance Exports and Imports Trading Partners Regional and Foreign Trading Groups 11 eleven 11 14 12 12 13 13 14 15 15 12-15 16 sixteen 16 16 16

M. 7 B. 8 N. 9


Foreign Expense

C. you Exchange Controls RemittanceofDividendsandProfits Remittance of Interest Remittance of Royalties and Fees Repatriation of Capital 19 nineteen 19 20 20

C. 2 C. 3 C. 4

C. your five C. six

C. several

C. almost eight

Foreign Currency Accounts Patrimony Incomes and Wages Share Plans Structure of Business Choices Restrictions on Foreign Purchase Taxpayer Identity Numbers to get Foreign Entities Investment Incentives Tax Incentives in the Northeast States and the States of Amazonas and Espírito Onomastica Industrial and Agricultural Technology Programs REPES and RECAP - Tax Incentives about Exports REPETRO - Taxes Incentives intended for the Oil and Gas Sector REIDI– Special Program for Purchases of the Infrastructure Sector REPORTO – Unique Regime for Investments in the Port Facilities PADIS and PATVD – Programs intended for the Development of the Semiconductors and Digital Transmitting Industries Manaus Free Transact Zone (MFTZ) Special Totally free Trade Areas and specific zones OtherSpecialBenefitsforExportCompanies Types of Funding intended for Foreign Investors Importing and Exporting Limitations and Regulates Customs Duties Anti-dumping Rules Special Persuits Regimes Ex-tarifário Temporary Entrance Temporary Export Drawback Routines Blue Series Regime Enrollment of Mental Property Patents Trademarks and Trade Names Licensing Preparations

21 twenty-one 21 twenty-one 21 twenty-one 22 twenty two 22 twenty-four 25 twenty-five 26 21

Business Models

D. 1 Companies Organizations Capital of any Corporation Payment of Payouts Shares Shareholders' Rights Administration of a Organization Meetings and Votes in a Corporation Economic Statements Limited Liability Firms Partnerships Basic Partnerships Limited Partnerships Relationships Limited by Stocks Participation in a Partnership Account De facto Corporation Joint Ventures Societe Branches of Foreign Corporations Establishing a restricted Liability Firm Time Necessary Number of Sampling Holders Permissible Types of Quotas Owners Initial Capital Requirements International Capital Sign up Annual Requirements Annual Group meetings Financial Claims Income Tax Processing Audit Requirements Corporate Reorganizations 39 39 39 39 40 40 40 forty five 41 41 42 40 42 forty two 42 43 43 43 43 43 43 43 43 44 44 44 44 forty-four 44 forty-four 44 44

D. a couple of

26 a couple of 7 twenty-eight 29 29 30 30 32 32 33 33 33 thirty-three 34 34 35 thirty-five 35 thirty eight

D. a few D. 5 D. a few D. six

D. 7

D. almost eight

Labor Force

Electronic. 1 Labor Supply and Relations Accessibility to Skilled Workers Nationality Requirements Wages Exec Compensation forty-nine 49 forty-nine 49 forty-nine

E. a couple of

E. several

E. 4 Elizabeth. 5

Termination of Job Labor Legal guidelines Civil and Labor Regulation Rights Labor Union Firm Severance Shell out Indemnity Account and Interpersonal Security Social Security Input Other Payroll Taxes and Employee Benefits Pensions Getaway Working Terms and Overtime, however, Pay Benefit Incentives ProfitSharing Special Requirements for Overseas Nationals Entrance Visas and Work Permits

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