Oia of Cat Muscles

Oia of Cat Muscle 19.08.2019
 Oia of Cat Muscle mass Essay

Dermal Muscle tissues

1 . Panniculus carnosus/ Cutaneous maximus

2 . Platysma

Muscle tissue of Stomach Wall

1 ) External Oblique

O: Lumbodorsal fascia & posterior ribs

I: neurosis, linea alba & monte de venus

A: constrictor of belly

2 . Inside Oblique

To: 2nd bed sheet of the lumbodorsal fascia & border of the pelvic belt

I: linea alba

A: compressor with the abdomen

3. Transversus abdominis

O: 2nd sheet from the lumbodorsal structures & border of the pelvic girdle

My spouse and i: linea alba

A: air compressor of the abdominal

4. Rectus Abdominis

O: Anterior end of pubic symphysis

I actually: Sternum and costal the fibrous connective tissue cartilage

A: retracts ribs and sternum and compresses stomach

Epaxial Muscle groups

1 . Multifudus spinae-diagonal dietary fiber

2 . Sacrospinalis- beside multifudus

a. Semispinalis-beneath Rhomboideus

m. Longissimus-beneath a

c. Iliocostalis-beneath b

Muscle groups of the Chest

1 . Pectoantibranchialis

O: Manubrium

I: Level tendon within the fascia of the forearm

A: draws the arm toward the breasts

2 . Pectoralis Major-beneath you

O: sternum and median ventral raphe

My spouse and i: humerus

A: draws the arm toward the chest

3. Pectoralis Minor-beneath two

O: sternum

My spouse and i: humerus

A: draws the arm toward the upper body

4. Xiphihumeralis-beneath 3

U: Xiphoid procedure for the sternum

I: humerus

A: takes in the adjustable rate mortgage toward the chest

Muscle tissues of Neck of the guitar and Throat

1 . Sternomastoid

O: typical raphe & manubrium in the sternum

I actually: skull by lamboidal bridge onto mastoid process

A: singly change the head, collectively depress go on neck

installment payments on your Sternohyoid

To: first saca cartilage

My spouse and i: body in the hyoid cuboid

A: bring the hyoid posteriorly

3. Cleidomastoid

O: clavicle

My spouse and i: mastoid procedure

A: drags clavicle craniad or transforms head, singly lowers head on neck 4. Clavotrapezius

O: head

I: clavicle



To: clavicle and fibers of clavotrapezius

My spouse and i: ulna

A: flexor with the forearm

5. Masseter

To: zygomatic arch

I: trasero half of assortment surface from the mandible

A: elevator in the lower chin

6. Temporary

O: zygomatic process

I actually: coronoid procedure for mandible

A: elevator in the jaw

six. Digastric

To: jugular & mastoid technique of skull

I: mandible

A: depressor with the lower jaw

8. Mylohyoid

O: mandible

I: median raphe

A: raises floors of the mouth& brings hyoid forward

on the lookout for. Geniohyoid

To: mandible near the symphysis

I: body with the hyoid

A: draws the hyoid forwards

10. Sternothyroid

O: sternum

My spouse and i: thyroid the fibrous connective tissue cartilage of the larynx

A: draws the larynx posteriorly

eleven. Thyrohyoid

Um: thyroid the cartilage

I: trasero horn of the hyoid

A: raises of the larynx

Muscle tissues of the Upper Back

1 . Latissimus dorsi

O: neural spines of the previous thoracic & most of the back vertebrae, lumbodorsal fascia We: tendon around the medial surface of the humerus

A: brings the forelimb dorsally and caudally

2 . Trapezius muscle groups

a. Spinotrapezius-posterior trapezius

U: spines of the thoracic backbone

I: ligament of the scapula

A: pulls the scapula dorsad & caudad

b. Acromiotrapezius-middle trapezius

O: nerve organs spines and cervical and first thoracic vertebrae

We: metacromion procedure & spinal column of the scapula & ligament A: pulls scapula dorsad and retains 2 scapulae together

c. Clavotrapezius-anterior

Um: superior nuchal line & median hinten line of neck

I: clavicle

A: attracts the clavicle dorsad & craniad

a few. Levator Scapulae Ventralis

To: transverse technique of the atlas & occipital bone

My spouse and i: metachromion process & border fascia

A: draws the scapula craniad

4. Rhomboideus

O: nerve organs spines from the vertebrae & adjacent structures

I: vertebral border from the scapula

A: draws scapula dorsad

5. Rhomboideus capitis

O: superior nuchal range

I: scapula

A: draws the scapula craniad & rotates that

6. Splenius

O: middorsal line & fascia

We: superior nuchal line

A: raises or perhaps turns mind

7. Supraspinatus

O: supraspinous fosse

I actually: greater tuberosity of humerus

A: extends the humerus...

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