Internartional Business (7 Eleven in Vietnam)

 Internartional Business 7 9 in Vietnam Essay

International Organization

Executive Brief summary

International organization consists of organization transaction among parties by more than one region. Examples of international business ventures include ordering materials in a single country and shipping these to another to get processing or assembly, delivery finished items from one nation to another for retail sale, building a flower in a overseas country to capitalize about lower labor costs or perhaps borrowing money from a bank in one country to finance functions in another. Franchising of 7-Eleven store in Vietnam may be the choice of carrying out the worldwide business in this assignment. 7-Eleven is a around the world chain of convenience stores. It is since 03 2007, the greatest chain store in any category, beating McDonald's by one particular, 000 retailers. Its shops are located in eighteen countries, with its most significant markets staying Japan, the usa, Taiwan and Thailand. 7-Eleven has their origins in 1927 in Dallas, Texas, USA for the employee of Southland Ice cubes Company started selling dairy, eggs and bread coming from an glaciers dock. The foundation location was an improved local store at Southland Ice Company, an ice-manufacturing plant. 7-Eleven is moving toward franchising most of their remaining corporate and business locations inside the US. The 7-Eleven franchise system divides the gross profits 55: 50 or close to this, between the firm and the specific franchisee. Vietnam is the country which has the lower labor expense, openly pertaining to the foreign shareholders to invest or perhaps running organization in the country. The rules and restrictions of the country is not too strictly, so that will be very easily for anyone to running the company. Education of Vietnamese persons is getting increasing; their people in the age of 15 and above are able to read and write and the most of them are capable of speak The english language because the country want English to become their very own second language. Their economy is much better, their labor cost is low, and anything in this country is in the good condition to working the business....

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