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Fire Department 06.09.2019
 Fire Department Essay

Fremont Fire Office

Established: January 3, 1956

Data Source:

City type of Federal government: Council/ Supervisor

Mayor: Expenses Harrison

Town Manager: Wendy Diaz

Fireplace department

Key: Geoff LaTendresse

Deputy Chiefs: Greg Dillingham, Gary Felix, and Ron Maize.

Battalion Chiefs: Robin Brabb, Rich Dickinson, Sean Martin,

Ron McCormick, Doug McKelvey, Tom Mulvihill.

Training/ EMS split: Pat Kramm, Nurse Educator,

Ron Maize, Deputy Fire Key, Vic Taugher, Staff Captain,

Mike Thomas, Staff Captain.

Prevention Section: Ferreira, PaulHazmat Technician, O'Connor, Janie Hazmat Technician, Pham, QuangCode Observance Officer, Skubal, DanCode Observance Officer, Swardenski, Jay Fireplace Marshal, Thurston, Amiel Mouthpiece Fire Marshal

Volunteer: Fire Explorers

Certification Required: EMT, FF1, Paramedic

Chiefs with advanced degrees: Bachelors, Masters

Fitness: CPAT


Response amounts:

Admin/ Rank:

# of Medics: EMTs: other:

Number of Change: 3Shift routine: KellyHours/week: 56

Number of Stations: 11 Lowest Staffing/Shift: 3per apparatus Particular Response teams: Haz-mat, Spec-Ops Task Force

Organized Labor:

Local Union: 1689Dues/Month:

Union President:

Salary/Benefits: 10% enhance for medic, 5% boost for HAZMAT specialist Primary: $200, 181Captain: Firefighter: Beginning $70, 000

Benefits: Well being, visual, oral, etc .

Staffed Stations: 12

Unique Channels:

Training Facilities: Training structure Stevenson Blvd and Boyce St . Equipment:

Engines: Type 1: 16

Type a few: 4

Type 4: two

Trucks: Tillers: 3

Watercraft: 3

Light/Air: 1

Specialized: 1 hazmat, 1 WMD, 1rescue

Quest Statement: In order to avoid and minimize the loss of life and property threatened by the hazards of fireplace, medical, and rescue emergencies, hazardous supplies incidents, and disaster scenarios within the community. History: Before the 1956 incorporation of Fremont, the area was comprised of five large unincorporated communities:...



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