explaining interpersonal phenomenon using sociological ideas

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 explaining interpersonal phenomenon applying sociological ideas Essay

In today's world high is constantly evolving technology, it truly is no surprise there is now an advent use of social media by people of all ages. This composition will assess the social phenomenon with the proliferation in the use of smartphones to access social websites platforms. Firstly, the theory of functionalism may help in outlining this social phenomenon. Functionalist theories highlight that sociable solidarity may affect how a person behaves singularly. It is also pointed out by Durkheim that ‘high social unification contributes to the upkeep of interpersonal order'. (Brym and Lie, 2007) Together with the advancements in technology, social media platforms can be used since an avenue for individuals to stay connected within the culture, which allows those to form cultural solidarity. Consequently, people are transitioning from activities like reading, that do not effectively make them feel moored in the world to those that enables them to stay connected with others virtually even if they are physically alone. This would help in developing a stable and cohesive culture, especially given that everyone can stay updated with any recent happenings and react accordingly. However , a person might get dependent on the use of social networking, affecting his schedule due to lack of period management. Work is certainly not done inside the required timeframe, which turns into a private difficulty of the individual, whom now needs to worry about taking care of his time well among social media and work. There is intricate hyperlink between a person's lifestyle and the circumstances of the society, as i have said by Generators (1997). Though addiction to social websites can be thought to be a private difficulty, if there is a large amount of people who have this challenge, it can become a public concern. The decline in productivity during work as a result of social media will certainly affect the overall economy and is not just subjected to the problems of an individual. Thus, personal troubles can lead to the symptoms of open public issues. Not simply is the values of an...

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